What is the future of Vexplorer? Will there be more? Is there a new model coming ourt?

I think that vex mini will replace vexplorer in time. That could just be perception, though, so don’t take my word for it.

It’s not really certain, but here’s my guess as to what IFI is likely to do in that area:

I don’t think that IFI will re-release the Vexplorer. They will discontinue the Vexploere line and we will not see a simplified Vexplorer-like system released until the time Vex mini comes out. At this point, I expect they will release a new version of the Vex"blue" controller, most likely wifi enabled, that is designed specifically for compatibility with Vex mini.

Just to clarify, this is all guesswork.

yes, i think too that the vexplorer will be replaced by the vex Mini. the mini metal looks cool, in my opinion, so i look forward to it coming out.