VEXposing a typo

So, some friends of mine and I noticed something: There is a special rule 6. There is a special rule 8. But there is no special rule 7. This needs to be fixed.

Here is a screenshot for those wondering. It is on page 16 of the game manual.
Screenshot 2017-04-26 at 1.59.49 PM.png


I would make the 7 8 (ate) 9 joke but that just doesn’t work here.

maybe 9 ate 7…

Well… thankfully for Karthik there is no SG6a this year

No, but there is SG9 (or is it technically supposed to be SG8).

Wonder what they’re going to do? They can’t rename all those rules, but you can’t have <SG7> missing.

This rule intentionally left blank.

Nah, 9 only allowed us to hold one cone :stuck_out_tongue:

They had to remove 7 because it violated the game’s terms of service; 7 was a registered 6 offender.

Ok, so this may be the stupidest thing to ever be pointed out about a game manual, so stupid that I do not feel that it is worth getting its own new thread, but too important to go unsaid.

In rule <R7M>:

The first half of it

is in RGB (34,34,34) font while the second half

is in RGB (0,0,0)

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. I am sure that this is a mistake that must be corrected or else I can see there being great confusion about this rule throughout the season.

@Down Cellar Laboratories I told you I would post this :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if this is a joke or not, I can like barely see the difference. Although my monitor has crappy color correction… Yeah that’s probably because they copy pasted names.

I’m dead serious there actually is a difference in their colors. I will be looking for this to be fixed in the manual update. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see it… Can you post a screenshot? Thank you.

EDIT: Never mind, I just looked and I saw the 13.3% difference in blackness between the first and second halves of the sentence. Thanks for the heads up, definitely don’t want that to create confusion later on in the season.

I don’t know how the GDC can let something like this go! Teams base their strategy for the whole season off of this manual, and to get something so egregiously wrong as this is truly astounding. We’ll be dealing with confused Q&A’s on this issue for a long time for sure.

Hey, I heard somewhere that there’s a prize for whoever puts this in the Q&A: 1 free suspended forum account