Was just curious how many people have the ARM9 Microcontroller or have experience with it? How does the learning curve compare with the cortex? Also was looking around but couldn’t really find anything related to what software is used to program it. I was kind of looking at it due to the extra outputs.


I’ve got one, and I’m really happy with it.

I had “Hello World” up and running within minutes. The learning curve will depend on your prior experience. If you have used Linux (or any other Unix), you’ll have a head start.

Accessing most of the ports is about the same amount of code as the equivalent program on the Cortex. It is a bit different coding style, but if you managed to learn the Cortex, then you will be able to learn the VEXpro too. The programming environment looks more like ROBOTC than EasyC.

The main missing feature is that you can’t yet run the VEXpro from a remote controller; it either has to be completely autonomous, or you need to write some networking code to have it talk to a program running on another computer that you drive it from. (I’m presently working on a solution for this that I’ll share once it is working a bit.)


  • Dean