VEXPro communicating with computer

I have looked at the libqwerk library, but I do not see any classes that pertain to the computer. Is there any way that I can take data from another program on the computer and feed it to the ARM9 in real time? (A global positioning system)

I would imagine this would have nothing to with libqwerk but rather would be normal linux/unix communications, for example, TCP or UDP communication using sockets for PC to VEXpro. Or did you mean between processes on the VEXpro? Again, it would be normal linux interprocess communications.

Yep, it is possible using the standard linux libraries available in TerkOS. The main header for this is <sys/socket.h>. I’ve managed to get a program running on a host to open a connection to a program running on the VEXpro, but I haven’t transferred any data yet.

My goal is to make a simple app the emulates a remote control. I’m sure this already exists for TerkOS somewhere on the internets, but I’m a “learn by doing” kind of guy…

Spen: Which way do you want data to flow? VEXpro to host (logging data from the robot), or host to VEXpro (sending commands to the robot).


  • Dean

GPS data usually arrives pretty slowly. You could bypass the computer completely and hook up a GPS using an RS232 serial port, GPS units often support a standard protocol managed by NMEA running (if I remember correctly) at around 1200 baud. If your GPS is PC based then I would probably have it send a UDP datagram perhaps once per second maybe with an acknowledge handshake from the VEXpro. Google UDP, lots of examples of how to do this around.

Thanks for the quick replies!
The GPS receiver that I am looking at has an output of an Ethernet, I chose this one due to the ability for it to work with intermittent GPS connection which is what I need indoors.

I am looking for “host to vexpro” dataflow. Can you help me Quazar, I am new to the vexpro.


Start with some of the examples here.

Create the server for the VEXpro, create the client for the PC. If you don’t get anywhere then perhaps I can create an example in a couple of weeks, I’m a bit backed up on projects right now.