VEXpro suddenly not connecting to WiFi?

[FONT=Arial]Lately I’ve been working with the VEXpro arm9 that my instructor bought, Hoping to use it to replace the controller in last year’s FRC 'bot that he no longer has software licenses for (we didn’t do FRC this year). I had it running flawlessly for a week or so now, communicating perfectly every time with my WiFi (WEP secured, 40/64-bit encryption). One day, when I finally installed it in the robot (read: set in a spot on the robot where it would sort of fit and hooked up wires for testing purposes) and booted the arm9 up (without the 12v FRC battery installed to be sure it wouldn’t run off), it gave me a “wireless adapter not installed” error. This morning, I looked at the boot sequence, and it gave this:

After resetting to factory defaults, I get this:


As it turns out I had tried to download too much stuff onto the internal memory for it to boot properly. Here’s what I did to fix it (in the USB serial terminal):

  1. When you get:

== Executing boot script in 1.000 seconds - enter ^C to abort


  1. Type:
RedBoot> fis load zImage
RedBoot> exec -c "root=/dev/mtdblock2 rootfstype=jffs2 init=/bin/sh"
  1. Go to /opt/usr/bin and delete any files you don’t really want
  2. Reboot

Interesting, I had been wondering what to suggest but was at a loss as I could see the ralink wifi adapter was being detected during boot. Did you have to delete the files from the RedBoot prompt? Were you not able to login as root from the console?

When it booted, It stopped Just before the TerkOS ASCII Art, I couldn’t get the prompt to log in or do anything. Adding “init=/bin/sh” to the second line on redboot (It normally doesn’t have that, and that was what dad suggested to put in) changed the linux boot sequence so the console came up (after redboot finished) without problem. From there I removed the excess files and rebooted without changes to the boot sequence.