VEXPro with EDR?

Has anyone used VEXPro motors with a Cortex? Is it even possible? My students are working on a project, not VRC, and it would be nice to harness the power that comes with better motors with the familiarity of the standard cortex/controller. I know that BEST has some components that are compatible with the Cortex, anyone know of where to find information on how that is used?

I think so. You need a different motor controller/h-bridge and power supply that’s for sure.

Vex outputs hobby style PWM, not some of the newer protocols.

VexPro Victor SPX should be able to do this or the Talon SRX. You need 12V in for the more powerful VexPro motors…

Vex used to sell this that looks a lot like the Cortex we use but a more powerful ARM processor… Similar motor outputs though.

It had: (12) 3-wire Motor Outputs
Usage: For 3-wire VEX motors, Motor Controller 29s or servos
Type: Hobby standard PWM
Refresh: Every 18.5 mSec