Has anyone tried searching YouTube for VEXRECF2010? Just saying…

Yes actually. I watched a bunch of those videos last year during Round Up. It’s interesting to watch a game after it has already been played.

I was just doing the same thing!

Thank you for posting this, as I hadn’t realized before that all the Round Up videos were uploaded, as well! So glad that the award videos were uploaded, as by some confusion our whole team somehow missed the nice things you said about our team, Mr. Tyler. :slight_smile:

Haha. Thank you again!


I’ve seen them but they don’t seem to be easily searchable by using the main page search. Once they are found, the title of each individual video make play-list searching really difficult as well.

What if there was a spreadsheet with all the videos listed by match and/or topic that you could click on?

I just went to the Round Up Worlds results page, looked up which qualifiers my team was in, and then typed in “Engineering q#” because we were in the Engineering Division. I also found other teams from my school that way.

That would be helpful! When I look for round up videos, most are low quality, yet they have the most views, and continue to get views. The RECF videos should have more views.

Well said. I just went on youtube and after trying a large combination of search terms, including “vex”, “world championship”, “round up”, “2011”, “science” “finals” “division” in all sorts of combinations I could think of, I rarely, if ever, saw videos from vexrecf2010. I saw a few clean-sweep videos, but the roundup videos did not appear even once.

I doubt anyone looking for general roundup videos will find these, which is a shame, since the vex ones generally have a nicer quality. Hopefully that will soon change though! :slight_smile:

However, once the vexrecf2011 channel is found though, it’s pretty easy to find the desired videos.

The video editor had hundreds of videos to upload. Youtube doesn’t have a way (that I’ve found) to populate the Description and Tags fields for a large number of videos at once. When I upload a whole tournament (usually 50-80 videos) I set aside a whole day to edit the video and update the videos with descriptions and tags. It would take a whole long time to do this for World Championships. If someone knows how to apply descriptions and/or tags on a bulk basis, I’m very interested.

Thanks for the info, I think I’ve watched altogether too many vex videos now. It’s always good to find new little design tricks.

I’m almost 100% sure there are loads of free programs out there that allow you to do that.
It is a shame that youtube ‘retired’ their bulk uploader.
If you ever need a hand, and want to lay off some of the load…