VexScout 2 Is Here! Improved Functionality, and a Better GUI

Howdy! I’ve been working hard on improving VexScout, and I think it’s finally acceptable to publish online.

I made a YouTube video that explains all of its features and how to use them. I put a transcript of the video here.

You can find some documentation for the app here (it’s not as detailed as the video, but it’s a decent overview). There’s a link to the app at the top of the documentation, but you can also follow this link if you wanna get there directly. If the UI does not match the one shown in the YouTube video (black, red, and grey), you are probably viewing a cached version of the app. If so, please perform a hard refresh by shift-clicking your refresh button.

Please reply to this thread or fill out this form if you want to ask questions, leave suggestions, or report a bug.