VexScout - Scouting App for Vex Robotics (Coming Soon)

TL;DR: By Saturday morning, I am going to post a link to my homemade scouting app in this thread.

VexScout is a web-based app designed to make scouting easier and more effective. It is a single-page application; all queries are performed through AJAX, so the page does not need to be refreshed. My private version includes three main features:

Unfortunately, due to my web host’s restrictions, I have neither the bandwidth nor the storage space to let other teams use this app. Even if I did, I have countless hours of coding and debugging to do before it will be ready for the world.

Until I am ready to share a fully operational online version of VexScout, I will create and maintain VexScout Lite (also called VSL), a simpler, locally-saved alternative to VexScout. I will upload VexScout Lite in several versions; version one will be complete by Saturday, December 1, and the others will be completed as follows:

As soon as I finish version 1 of VSL, I will put a link at the top of this forum post.

Please contact me or reply to this thread if you are interested in using the app, if you have questions about it, or if you have suggestions for future versions.
-Trevor, team 99904A

Seems interesting. I’ll be excited to play around in it later to see what it can do.

dang it, I have a comp on the 1st and 15th.

Well, if it dies get released by Saturday, maybe you can test it and let us know how it works.

It will be released before competitions start on Saturday. Check this page at around 8AM @Riptide

Huh! Over the summer, I was in the process of making a similar application with literally that exact same feature set.

If it’ll help you, I made a standalone tool to help with vexdb requests for that project

I love this idea!

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I think this is a conspiracy for him to get a bunch of scouting information from around the world.

Providing free services in exchange for information works well for Google, maybe it will work for me :wink:

I’ll look into it, Monty, thanks for offering your tool!

What time zone?

I’m guessing it would be Eastern Standard Time

For once timezones work for me ^.^;

That makes sense to me, too, since @vexScout lives in Indianapolis and they use EST.

Sounds awesome, we have a competition Saturday so we will be sure to test it out.

are you in AZ? we have a tourney on those days also.

I’m in Michigan, there’s just a lot of competitions on those dates.

My team will try to use this on Saturday.

I am interested I have a comp on Saturday December 1st

When you post the link, you can set your post with the link as being the answer to your question (if you weren’t planning to do that already), to make up for not being able to edit your original post.

I’m looking forward to using VexScout tomorrow!

Edit: I won’t be going to a tournament, just watching the live results from home.

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I posted the link to VexScout V1 here