– the easy way to find and watch tournament livestreams is a site for finding and watching tournament livestreams. It uses data from RobotEvents to show a list of current and upcoming events with streams, which can be filtered by program, region, and event type:

There is also the multiview page, which draws inspiration from TBA GameDay. The multiview page allows viewing up to 5 supported streams simultaneously in a tiled layout:

Currently the multiview page only supports streams on YouTube and Twitch. Events streaming to other platforms (Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) will still show up in the events list but will not be available in the multiview.

The underlying event data is also available at /events/event_data.json.


I’ve wanted something like this for years! This is awesome.

Now to the real reason I posted. For anyone as oblivious to this as I was until someone showed me, here’s a link to all the VEX worlds livestreams up until COVID happened. Unlike Holbrook’s awesome system, this one is unfortunately very unorganized and it is hard to find the thing you want, but it is probably there… somewhere:\.


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