VexText v5 | command pallete

Ive looked through the pallete but could not find a command for “Run”, am i blind or does it not exist or do i have to do something specific to get it to be a shortcut. Thanks

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May seem simple, but did you connect the brain?

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no no i mean there is a button for Run but i want a shortcut for it :slight_smile:

There’s a play button right next to the build button (note it runs whatever version your brain has uploaded, not whatever is in vexcode itself)


Not what i mean but thanks

Please explain what exactly you are looking for. A “Run” command could plausibly mean many different things.

If you uploaded it to the brain, then you can run it from your controller. On your controller, it should say drive, next to it should say programs. Press A for programs, then it should have the program you loaded onto your bot, then choose that program and press run. It should also be on the brain, so you can just press the run from the brain itself, kind of like how you start driver control by pressing drive and run (assuming you have the V5 brain, not microcontroller).

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ctrl + S saves the program. ctrl + B builds the program. i want to know if there was a shortcut key for run button instead of dragging my mouse over to press. Sure this may be a useless thing to ask for but it would be nice if i can ctrl + B then press another shortcut to run it straight away.

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thats not what i meant but thanks

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As far as I know there is no shortcut, however, you can set the program to run after download by setting that option in the preferences panel.