VEXU #CLSN, The Golden Tigers: Teaser #1

Here we come.

Cool robot, but is that a swerve drive bracket I see playing an integral part in your structure? XD

The joys of being a two-man self-funded team :rolleyes:

I noticed how you mounted the motors for the smaller bot’s shooter, with the gears overlapping. Did you mount the motors on polycarbonate because it looked cooler, or was it because the spacings on the holes in the metal did not match up to what you needed?

Would love to see more pictures and a video reveal!

We cut and machined “gearbox” plates for our small robot because if we tried to run a gear train down the shooter, the last gear would cover the other shaft, and also axles would interfere with the ball as it leaves the shooter. These gearboxes we made shrink the 1:21 gear train into a tiny 6x3 package.

The robots aren’t quite ready for a reveal video. Our goal is to finish by the end of the summer and make a nice video.

A little bit of footage to feed your curiosity.

Remember that name: Golden Tigers.