VEXU Early College Recruitment

There are allot of early college students at my college and that seems to be a large percentage of interest for the team. Since they technically are in college are they allowed, or do they have to graduate from high school?

If “early college” is anything like the “Middle College” program we have at MCCC, then no, they can’t be on the U-team until they graduate. Looking at VUR6 (my bolding):

Each Robot is allowed up to three (3) Drive Team Members, as stated in .
a. Drive Team Members MUST be post-secondary school individuals. Any matriculated individual
enrolled in post-secondary school is eligible to be a Drive Team Member.
b. Professionals not enrolled in post-secondary education are not eligible to be Drive Team
Members or participate on a VEX U Team.
c. Students that are dual-enrolled in both a secondary school and in post-secondary courses are
not eligible to be Drive Team Members or participate on a VEX U Team.

At our college, “Middle College” students have not yet graduated high school until their 13th grade (super-senior) year, and are thus still enrolled in secondary school, and inelegable under “c”. The definition of high school student in the regular game manual lets them continue to compete on a high school team until age 19.

We have “The MCCC Robotics Club” at our college, where they can be members of the club along with college students, as long as they are enrolled in at least one class, and our VEX-U team is a subset of the Robotics Club. That way, they can participate in some of the community service activities our U-team does and have some influence on the U-team without being drive team members.


you can come into vex U as a middle schooler if you want to, so they should be fine.

The way I interpret VUR6(c ), along with the definition of “student” in the game manual (and specifically the wording that “Middle School Students may “play up” and compete as a High School Student.”), it is not legal for a middle school student to be on a VEX-U team.

I was not aware us this, I thought you couldn’t be over a certain age limit in each game.