VEXU Elevation

Vex Forum Members,

I’ve been looking at quite a few VEX NBN videos lately and I haven’t seen any university teams doing high or low elevation. Quite frankly, I haven’t seen many teams do elevation at all for Nothing But Net.

Why is this the case?

Also, rule clarification:

Since there is no break between the autonomous period and the driver control period, isn’t it a bit harder to determine which team scored the most autonomous points? Is there still a 10 point bonus for scoring the most autonomous points in VEXU?

So VCAT one of the few VEXU teams to reveal so far did an elevation.

Elevation in VEXU is far easier than in HS because the robots don’t have to be universal. Few HS teams do it now because the game objects which are low hanging fruit are all still on the field most matches. As the season progresses more teams will work on elevation.

Yes there is still an autonomous bonus in VEXU.

I think a lot of teams are focusing on the shooting aspect and just leaving elevation to the side at the moment.

There are examples of elevation all over you tube. You just have to dig a little deeper. Here is Our last match in Mexico, Team UPQR also performs a high elevation.

The reason why most teams do that is because if you can shoot 10 green balls or 5 orange balls you can PROBABLY outscore their lift if they don’t have a vigorous shooter and just a lift. I saw a pretty awesome robot at my last competition at finals. They can lift and shoot!!!

Well at any rate building a fast and accurate shooter is probably easier then building a high lift mechanism at this point. Not to mention as you pointed out a robot with a 100% success rate high lift will still probably be beaten by an alliance of decent flywheels. Although I think as the season progresses a lot more teams are going to have to look into the viability of different high lift designs as well as how they can implement them into their robot.