VEXU - Expansion Divisional Impacts

VEXU has expanded to having a current 92 teams registered for worlds as compared to the 62 teams a year ago. How will this expansion relay to the logistics of the tournament? There has been speculation including expanding to a third division, cutting the qualification matches down from 10 per team, or increasing the number of fields per division. These concerns are being brought up since if only 10 teams per division are making eliminations, that results in over a 10% decrease in teams making the top 10 cut per division as compared to previous years assuming the traditional 2 division setting. From your official capacity, are any of these speculations a fact, or will there be any other major modifications to the event from previous years that have not been mentioned to account for the increased number of teams participating?

Thanks for the question! We strive to provide the best competition experience possible to all of our competitors (in all divisions and grade-levels), thus there will be a few small changes announced that will impact the VEX U division at 2018 VEX Worlds. While I cannot share all of the details with you at this point (we are still finalizing our brackets and models), I can confirm that it is our goal to provide each team with 10 qualification matches. I can also confirm that a slight schedule adjustment may be needed to accomplish this (on Thursday evening, if needed). We always aim to have the top 20-25% of teams (within a division) compete during the elimination matches. We will have 2 VEX U divisions (Innovate and Design). Last year at VEX Worlds, we had the top 10 ranked teams in each division play in the elimination rounds (with a capacity of 64). This represents approximately 31% of the teams in VEX U moving on to elimination matches, which was well above our target. At VEX Worlds this year, we are working on a method by which we allow about the same percentage of teams to advance to elimination matches. When more information is available, please check for an update. Good luck at VEX Worlds!