VEXU materials question

If a VEXU team wanted to use metal chain and sprockets, would we need to make them ourselves, or could we buy them?

Roller chain and sprockets are part of the VEXPro line; therefore, they are legal components, according to

Here’s a link to the VEX-U appendix:

Okay I have another question: VUR3 says,“Similarly, pre-drilled or extruded metal, such as angle aluminum, is not permitted, unless it can be found on”
Does that mean we can use aluminum angle identical to the extrusions found on, or that we can only use aluminum extrusions from

I asked this question on the Q&A. Official answer:

So, no. the only steel, aluminum, plastic, etc, is plain flat sheets and stock rods and bars for fabricating custom parts. Stick with versa-frame stock and pay the price, I guess. First year of VEX-U is killing my budget, but at least most everything is re-usable!