VEXU - Maximum amount of motors safe to use on V5 system

I meant it only as a joke. If I was in VexU I would consider it a Eureka moment to have found out how current distribution for V5 motors to work out.


perhaps, I should post more about these things, and offer a “bug bounty” for those on discord who then find bugs for us :slight_smile: ( bug already fixed btw )


free worlds spot for whoever finds the biggest bug/s?

vex gift cards maybe?


Hi Jpearman,

I see that in October’s firmware updates one of the features is:

Added dynamic current limiting for VEXU teams when motors total more than 8.

Does that mean that now if more than 8 motors are plugged in but less than 8 are in use, that the current would be capped 2.5A per motor?

Is the 20A total current still the case?



One additional question for “dynamic current limiting”, does it mean that it goes by the number of motor currently running or the total amount of Amps that motors are drawing? For example if there are four motors on the lift that is just holding the arm in position(small current), and 8 motors on the base driving around, would the power be distributed by 20A/(8+4) motors or it will give those 8 motors on the base almost full 2.5A since the 4 motors on the lift are not drawing much power?