VEXU Qualifications

Hey Karthik,

Long time no see!

As of right now, Canada has 1 VEXU allocated spot going to Worlds
My team (SFU) is in rank 10th in the world.
And discobots (DISCO1) is in 2nd rank (Congrats btw! :slight_smile:

Since they are within top 5 in the world rankings, would their Canada slot go to us? :slight_smile:
Since they already qualified with the Canada slot, their top 5 in the world slot will go to the 6th rank?
(Same logic applies to all in the top 5 if they are also top of their region)

I am just asking in advance due to organization of members, final exams schedules, profs, sponsorship applications, etc

Thank you very much!
Have a good one


Thanks for posting and asking the question. In this scenario, the first team to receive an invitation will be Disco1. Disco1 will receive the invitation because the have the highest VEX U Robot Skills Score in Canada, and that is being used to determine who wins the qualifying spot. Teams in the Top 5 Global/World Robot Skills will then receive an invitation, regardless of whether they have otherwise qualified. Does this make sense? Top 5 Robot Skills qualifications are separate from provincial/national qualifications.