VEXU Team Announcement: OYES Robotics

Due to the difference in the United States and New Zealand school year, New Zealand high school students finish their last season of VRC less than a third of the way through their final year at high school. In the past, final year high school students have skipped competing for a year, or stopped competing altogether. Of course, it’s not as simple as building a college robot throughout the year and competing with it, because the VEXU competition requires alliances to compete instead of individual robots. We wanted to avoid this situation, and accordingly I am happy to announce a new VEXU team, OYES.

OYES Robotics aims to compete at the highest level of VEXU competition, as well as providing mentoring to teams from our previous high schools and regions, and volunteering at competitions in New Zealand. Our goal is to compete at the World Championships in April next year, and have a positive impact on the Vex community in New Zealand and around the world.

I’m really excited to work with Jack throughout the Toss Up season. With some luck we might be able to continue our undefeated record that we maintained throughout the 30+ matches we played as an alliance at scrimmages and NZ competitions last season. I hope to see you all at Worlds next year (if we make it).

More information can be found on our website, which you can access with the link below:

Its been an amazing couple of years competing with and against Lucas, it will be great to finally work with him and his family in the coming season. I can’t wait to see what the world brings to the Toss Up season, and am excited to be in the Vex program for another year :slight_smile:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but this announcement is really something to be excited about. Having gotten to know both Jack and Lucas over the last two years both online and in person, every VEXU team in the world will have to step up their game if they want to stand a chance. Good luck to OYES in all your endeavors, hope to see you guys dominating the fields at Anaheim next year!

I’m quite glad this was finally released :slight_smile: With the level of competition that was showed in Sack Attack by both Lucas and Jack, I think VEXU is going to be really interesting this year.

O yes

For those that don’t know. If the video included all awards not just national level and up we would be here for like half and hour as they scrolled by. All college teams should be afraid of these 2 teams becoming one.

This is the first time I’ve been scared of a teaser. I’m impressed and looking forward to watching the VexU Cameras.:smiley:

can’t wait for a NAR vs OYES match

See you on the field, OYES!


Just an update:

Unfortunately, this season Kiwibots applied a discretionary ruling stopping High School students who are in their final year at school from driving in High School competition. In NZ the school year follows the calendar year, so finishes in December. This ruling was very disappointing for the boys, as it was their last chance to make the most of, and enjoy the fun of, driving their robots in competition.

Even though this ruling was debated strongly by some, it was not changed, so the boys took this on the chin and continued mentoring their respective school teams, as well as offering help to any other teams who asked. They have also been developing College speced robots, with the objective being to compete at VEXU Worlds.

Anyway, today we were notified that there has been a complete U-turn on this ruling and now final year students in NZ are eligible to drive in High School competition right through to Worlds in April. I guess you can imagine how unbelievably frustrating it was to get this news this late in the season, as the opportunity of the last 6 months is gone. :frowning:

Competing at NZ National is now very unlikely, unless the inspectors allow a little leeway for a 24" College speced robot! :smiley: (Any chance you can tweak the lasers on the sizing machine?) Also, Lucas does not feel right about trying to win High School Worlds qualifying spots at Nationals, as the younger teams deserve the chance to have this experience. The good news is that entry for VEXU Worlds has been accepted, so Summer holidays will allow the boys to get into some serious catch up work. Onward and upward! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul

Thats an interesting decision. So what age are the drivers that would be allowed to compete now but weren’t able to before? They were high school “seniors” but would have been done with school at the end of this year?

are you sure you are allowed to register and compete as VEXU team at Worlds if you are not officially “in college”?

Because i can see many teams making the jump simply because there is little competition in VEXU (less than 50 teams)

Mi Murdomeek, sorry for any misunderstanding.

We are both in college next year (starting in Jan) and hence are in college during the world championships will be college students. However, due to this thread and other developments we have been told we have the option of competing as high school. This is simply due to the difference in school years here in New Zealand, we only graduate High School in december so its a bit wishy washy.


Hi Yoder

Telemascope will turn 18 just prior to Worlds.

Correct, High School finished just last week.

Oh yes.

Cant wait to see you guys in action, you guys were quite the inspiration!

Just a few things I want to clear up/reply to, you guys are great, I just don’t like this situation, like many others in New Zealand (you may notice that no one from New Zealand outside OYES has replied to this thread yet).

Okie dokie. So this Kiwibots rule HAS been in place over the years, it just has never been enforced as much as it has been this season. It was pretty relaxed up until Gateway. After the Robot World Cup in 2011, two of the senior members of the 2919 K-Force team were asked to leave the High School competition and work with a University team instead, despite still being enrolled at Kristin School. The rule went quiet again through Sack Attack, and year 13 (senior) students were competing at the Asia Pacific Championships, but left their high school teams after that and moved into the university competition as they had finished high school by then.

The start of Toss Up was really when the rule came up. Two currently enrolled high school students (Jack and Lucas), were asked to leave the High School competition as they would not be enrolled at a high school (or by definition, “a pre-college school”) in 2014, so would not be able to compete in the New Zealand Nationals or the World Championships. This rule, “The Year 13 Rule”, has been the focus of many discussions and meetings here in New Zealand this season. Some did not agree with the rule, but many others liked the rule for its intentions - that year 13 students focus on giving back to the school’s VEX programme as mentors. That gives 6 months to pass experience on to the new members of the team.

I think you are being a bit harsh on Kiwibots, they do what they do with the best intentions for the programme, and I feel that there have been misinterpretations on the ruling for who can compete in High School.

An interesting detail that hasn’t been shared:
Jack and Lucas have been intending on attending the University of Auckland in 2014, and AURA (the university’s team) even offered them spots in their team while still attending their high schools, so they could continue VEX in an established team, in VEXU. However, Jack and Lucas declined AURA and made their own team, OYES. That’s something that has been discussed in New Zealand, needless to say that there are a reasonable amount of people against this decision not to join a pre-existing team at the same university…

EDIT: Apparently they were not offered this by AURA…

Understandably, I think anyone would be incredibly disappointed that the rule that has limited them suddenly gets taken away right after they finish high school. :frowning:

I do hope you are not implying that all the other teams in New Zealand are younger and so lack the experience :wink: I personally have been competing in VRC since Clean Sweep, have been to the World Championships in 2010 (Clean Sweep, Dallas), 2011 (Round Up, Orlando), and 2013 (Sack Attack, Anaheim), and there are a few others that have experience too…

Anyway, good luck! :slight_smile:


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Neither of us were “offered” spots on the Auckland University team, and given I live around three hours drive away, integration into this team this year would’ve been extremely difficult. We’ve talked personally to people in AURA and there are no hard feelings as far as I know. I do have plans to volunteer as a part of AURA next year however :).

I imagine my dad’s comment was more referring to the Oats Junior teams who are hoping to qualify a second team for worlds so they can take two robots :).

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People who mentor are not being paid to do so and they cannot be forced to do so. They do it because they want to give something back and because it gives them a good buzz to help someone. Why should mentoring and driving be mutually exclusive events? If there was any logic to this argument, then Jack and Lucas would now ditch the younger team members in their respective High School teams, now that they are allowed to drive in High School again. If you think they would do that, then you do not know them very well.

It may be an interesting detail, but it is just a pity that there is no truth to it. My experience with discussions is that it is much more productive to talk with people rather than talk about people, otherwise assumptions can be made, facts can get distorted and peoples reputations can be ruined.

Thanks, Paul

Paul it would have been nice of you to have to have talked to the Kiwibots about the change rather than openly critising our efforts to do the best for the competition in New Zealand.

Without the efforts of the Kiwibots there would be no competition in New Zealand.

Please could we let all this go.