VEXU Tethered Robots

Those of you who have looked through the VexU rules probably noticed the “1 Robot” rule, new this year.

However, you also probably noticed that unlimited expansion is allowed, and with no defense to worry about, you can just about do anything you want on your side of the field.

These circumstances are very similar to the 2015 FRC game Recycle Rush, which spawned some interesting robots that made extensive use of their unlimited expansion rule, connecting effectively two robots with a tether.

With 8 cubic feet of volume, and no weight limit, and no need to blow your motor allowance on a drivetrain, I can see vexU teams exploring tethered robots, whether they be specialized, or simply identical to double their ability.

Of course one major difference between the expansion rule in Recycle Rush and StarStruck is that here robots expand after the start of the match, so they would need to separate on their own.

I think we will see some In VRC HS as well. I can’t wait to see what they come up with

The only problem I see this year with tethering robots is that you will need to pick up your cable tether if you want to hang

Yeah, In VEXU, tetherbots/wallbots will probably not hang, which is a disadvantage. In HS/MS, you can always count on your partner to do it.