Vexu & vex ai

Do VEXU teams plan to stay in VEXU or will teams migrate to VEXAI ?

Is it possible to compete in VEXU and VEXAI with the same robots ?

I don’t see a reason why a Vex U team can’t do both with the same robots. You might have to remove or add a V5 radio between the two events but every thing else on the is the same.


If you look through the robot rule modifications, it’s all very similar except for the second V5 radio. It may be worth the time to cut out each rule and compare them side by side. It’s weird that they had similar rules but the table in the second rule is formatted differently.



I would imagine that you could hold a VEXU and VEX AI competitions one right after the other. With 6-10 teams, and 6 matches per team in each tournament, you could do both in a day.