VexU Western Wisconsin Eastern Minnesota

I am going to be attending WITC next year and I want to get a VexU team going. I want to know if their is any interest out in that area of the state from either past vex high school members or even just new members to the competition program.

I would look at teams this past year using the robotevents map tool. I know off the top of my head that there is a team at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and multiple teams around the St. Cloud Minnesota area including a worlds semi-finalist, ETAS.

UWM is like 5 hours from where I will be attending… I was looking at the map on robot events and it is not letting me show past teams for some reason I do not know why and their are two current teams registered for VexU and they are not very close to me.

I work closely with these Minnesota folks…let me know if you need any contact information. They are great people…

ETAS is out of Thief River Falls MN…just have to clarify that because it’s my home area! Wish they had VEX robotics back when I went to college there!

They are great people the teams are amazing! If you know of any individuals in the twin cities area that want to pursue a team but are currently not going to be on one.
I got to see all of the xnor’s matches because I was reffing this year at worlds and they have an amazing team!!!
I am more of putting my hand out there if anyone who wants the opportunity to create a team and can not currently get on one as of now.