VEXU Worlds Agenda and Elimination Format


It’s been pointed out to me that the VEXU agenda ( shows single elimination playoffs for seeds 7-10 in the morning, and then two and a half hours allocated for the rest of division playoffs in the afternoon.

This implies that divisional playoffs for the top 8 in VEXU will be Bo3, as opposed to the new Bo1 format in place for VRC. Is this correct, or is the agenda misleading (given that it seems to be the same as last years format)?

Additionally, if the divisional playoffs for VEXU are Bo3, will the world final between the two division champions also be Bo3, or revert to the VRC Bo1 format?

Thanks for your time,

EDIT: This question has changed slightly as Grant has since announced the overall world finals will be Bo3. However, the agenda still implies a 10 team eliminations with best of 1 playoffs for seeds 7-10, and Bo3 from then on (given the amount of time allocated). Two and a half hours has been allocated for 7 matches if they are indeed Bo1. If this is the case should VEXU be restructured to have an extra qualification match or a longer match cycle?

Thanks for the question. This is a great opportunity to elaborate a bit as we are presently planning to allow the top 16 teams in each VEX U division to advance to the division playoffs/elims. All playoffs at the division level will be “winner take all” or “Bo1.” I hope that this helps!