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I’ve got 15 years until I retire, so it won’t be going anywhere else anytime soon.

I’m making a page for Team 127. Should I write in team member names for the teams that I type up summaries for each season? I feel like that’s especially important because we have a large team and members shift around (my career will be 127C, 127A, 127C, and now 127X, for example).

Yes, look at 9791 as an example of where we are heading with salient pictures and stats… I think per season is the best way to go - so you can put club advisors/mentors per season and the team results and memberships…

For the past 8 seasons, we have only ever used 4 team letters, and swapped the students in and out and around, so our long term stats are kind of garbage. Beginning this year, we intend to switch to a system of assigning a team letter to the team captains, and then they will keep that letter for the rest of their membership on the team.

I like the idea of organizing by season as well, from a scouting perspective. If there is a team that has a great history, but has had a lot of members switch out for the new season, it would be an indicator to take a closer look.

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When you do by season, you can probably include information like “John Doe returning for their third competition season.” which would allowing scouters to see who is behind which teams.

Do you have any experience with blind students learning programming?

I’ll fix it as soon as I get access to my email, but the past games list seems to have
Nothing but Net
Toss Up
Sack Attack

It completely misses Skyrise lol

I try to forget about Skyrise, too.