Viability of pneumatics

So I’ve been thinking and despite pneumatics having been largely dismissed because of the 6 motor limit I think they might actually be a viable strategy this season. Here’s a few uses I’ve thought of:

Pneumatic two bar for complex tray stacker
Pneumatic tilter combined with a pneumatic claw on the tray to stabilize/pick up existing stacks
Pneumatic assists for lift bots that want to lift a lot of cubes.
And my personal favorite: pneumatically deployable wall

I was also thinking, to combat the air shortages in a match, you could code the controller to show approximately how many actuations are left. Anyways, what do you all think? Are pneumatics a viable strategy this season?

How many times can you actuate in a much though? And for how long? I’m rather unfamiliar to pneumatics

If you have a pneumatically deployed wall, then you can have a 6 motor drive. Or you could use them for a cube launcher…

Because nothing says “team player” better than accidentally shooting down your alliance partner’s towers


Better yet the scored stacks.

Oh dear this is derailing fast


Just knock over their robot how bout it

Their DR4B is now a wallbot!

Getting back on topic though, I don’t think pneumatics will end up seeing much use. People will probably look to differentials first because 6 motors is just so few.

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Plus with the many ways to play this year’s game (towers and stacking), robots are gonna need all the motors they can use.

How would that even work??? And how would it be better than just using 2 motors

Now that isn’t too bad of an idea but it can be achieved easier just using 2 motors

What do you mean by pneumatic assist, do you mean using pneumatics for the claw?


This wouldn’t work because you need to control the angle of elevation for this kind of arm. The heights vary for tower to tower, a pneumatic actuated arm would only have one preset height.

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If your preset height was the higher of the heights you could easily drop the cube into the lower ones, similar to the way 8059A drops cubes with their tray.

I was thinking you would use pneumatics for a two bar and for the deployment and gripper, this saving three motors, and still potentially leaving it open for a deployable wall. You’d probably want to use the simple tray bot style of scoring towers by pushing out the back wherever possible though to limit the amount of actuations the two bar uses.
Edit: by pneumatic assists I mean pneumatics helping the lift lift, similar to what (I think it was 10Q?) did in sky rise.

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The pneumatics kinda push the bar up, there’s a profile of the robot lifting where you can more clearly see it
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I don’t think that’ll be used in TT cause just using two v5 motors is more powerful than pneumatics. (I think?)

There are certainly ways to utilize pneumatics. One that I haven’t seen so far but wouldn’t be surprised to see in the near future in either vrc or vexu is a tray robot with a pneumatic clamp and tilter, with a 4 motor tank drivetrain and 2 motor intake rollers.

I’m pretty sure you loose power by using pneumatics, compared to 2 motors. for vexU though, pneumatics are still very viable.

If I remember correctly, pneumatics have about the same power as 2 v5 motors running at full speed for 10 seconds. However, this difference in power doesn’t necessarily mean that pneumatics aren’t viable. For example, you may have more things that need to be powered than you do motors. If it is the right case for pneumatics, you could use them on these subsystems while making few compromises. You can also use pneumatics for things like intakes and power transmissions, which have both been used successfully in the past.

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How exactly are pneumatics used as intakes?