Viability of pneumatics

How powerful are pneumatics even?
Do they hit like a puncher?

Some teams would use them for claws, like what team 44 (GER) did for Fred V (Gateway):
image image image


Also, team 1130 used it on Currahee (the most awarded robot for one season-Round Up):
image image


Finally, team 8059A used pistons to angle their roller intake to be able to pick up pyramids of balls on the field in NBN:
image image image image

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Sure, there’s the argument of power, but what sets pneumatics apart for me is the unlimited actuators.

There’ll be less power, but you can (more easily than a differential) have them on more than 2 applications. (With a limited air supply, of course.)

Everyone is concerned about limited actuations and strength, but I personally like the idea of pneumatics for the unlimited applications.

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The force that a pneumatic cylinder can create is calculated by multiplying the working pressure, typically 50-100 psi, by the area of the cylinder bore. For the VEX EDR cylinders, this gives 6-12 pounds.

Cylinders actuate quickly, unless you use a flow control valve, but you’ll need to calculate or experiment to see if you’ll get the impulse you desire. Here is some more information about pneumatics that may be helpful: pneumatics information.pdf (312.6 KB)