Viability to have a 4" passive tracking wheel

Our team is currently working on a geared drivetrain CAD which we can use next year, and we are thinking about using tracking wheels to have a more consistent autonomous. Here is the picture of our current CAD:
I am thinking about whether it is possible to add a passive 4" wheel in the middle(Where the current 2.75" omni is) and use the center wheel as the tracking wheel. Is there going to be any advantage or disadvantage onto doing so?

Using a smaller wheel or a higher resolution encoder (not possible in VRC) is always better for tracking because then you have the least amount of distance per encoder tick. The way you calculate distance is the change in encoders divided by the total number of encoder ticks per revolution and then that is multiplied by circumference of the wheel (2piradius). With this in mind to decrease the distance holding at 1 tick change in encoders you can increase the number of encoder ticks per revolution with a better encoder which is only allowed for VEXU or you can decrease your wheel size which you can do in VRC. That is why it is a disadvantage to use 4inch wheels.


Thanks for the information, it is very helpful. I also noticed that having a smaller wheel will give extra space in the middle for beams and mechanisms, making it more space efficient than the 4" wheels

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