Victor 884 Problem

we were driving our robot and all off the sudden , the new 884 victor from the 2005 kit made a weird ticking sound and a spark came out of it and we smelled something burnt. after we turned off the robot we tried to re-activate the victor it didn’t work. we opened it up and inside we saw two weird things:

  1. the big capacitor in the middle of the victor was marked with a big red X sign .
  2. on the print cicruit board inside the victor there was written :" victor 883 rev F" and not victor 884.
    does the big X mean it was already bad ? why did the board inside the victor siad victor 883 and not 884? why did the victor overloaded and not the 40amps circuit breaker? if it was already bad, how can we get a compensation from you?

The red X and the 883 markings are normal. The marks on top of the cap are our own internal markings. The board is marked 883 because the 883 and 844 use the same board. The boards are just stuff differently. For repairs see our Ordering and Return Policies under the Buy Online on our wed site, You will need to call us for a RMA number.