VICTOR SP controller issue

Just got two Victor SP controllers, one will only flash yellow (PWM issue?)
Resetting has not affect. The other resets find and is dark no green and will not
respond. We have read the documentation, it seems easy enough, the motors work with a direct connect. Trying to drive a pittmen gm9213-2. Suggestions or solutions? Any way to test the Victor Controller? Thanks

Hi Rtonkel,

I’m sorry that you are having this issue. There are (2X) things that need to be checked to confirm that it is a problem with the Victor SP:

  1. Ensure that the PWM connector on the signal input cable is oriented correctly - White to Signal & Black to Ground.

  2. Switch the PWM input of your (2X) Victors. If there is a problem with your Victor then the Yellow light will still be present after the cables are switched.

If you have already checked both of these things, then I encourage you to call our Tech Support line at 1-903-453-0802.