Video Announcing 2012 World Championship

I was the only member of our new high school team who was able to go to this years worlds. The video that was used to announce the 2012 championships would be a great tool to get our team pumped for next year, and was wondering if it can get put up on vex’s YouTube channel.

The reveal:
The animation: [

Hope this helps.

Should have been clearer, I meant the video showing that the worlds would be in Anaheim, from the closing ceremonies. But thanks for the links to the game announcement.

Should have been clearer, I meant the video announcing the location of the world championships. Though the videos you did link to are also great videos.

Ohhh, wow. Okay I’m sorry! When I read 2012 video, my mind immediately thought the game reveal and animation. Sorry! :o Unfortunately I don’t have the video of that, but yeah maybe VEX will post it when they get the video of all the matches and everything up on YouTube.


You can find the game animation for Gateway here

Edit: oops, should have read the post better, I will find that video, its on the forum somewhere

The video for the 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship that we showed last week is posted on YouTube here:

Awesome, thanks for the link.