Video Commentary

Soon, the hydra team is going to post videos from competition. Do you guys prefer videos with, or without commentary. If you enjoy commentary, do you prefer humorous/exciting commentary, analytical commentary, or just realistic/random commentary of a typical crowd.

Honestly, if people don’t like the commentary, they can just mute the video. You could also, if you wanted to, post two copies of the video, one with commentary, and one without.

what i would do is talk abit at the start, then play the full match. then go back and point out key things and talk about it …

+1 but keep the start short please :slight_smile:

If you have commentary, please keep it analytical/informative. I would prefer it not to be a “pep-talk”-style introduction, but rather continuous during the match. (My biggest pet peeve is videos that have a 30s+ long “intro” before the actual match…)