Video editing software


Just wondering I wanted to make my own robot reveal video and was wondering what video editing software everyone was using? Preference is for it to be free or somewhat cheap and be able to be used on windows 10. Thanks


Use Davinci Resolve 15, its free and has a bunch of features. It might seem a bit complex at first but its really easy to learn with a tutorial or two.


I like Lightworks. It has a free version that will be more than enough to do a reveal video, plus lots of tutorials on YouTube to learn it.


I use HitFilm. There is a fully featured free version called HitFilm Express. You buy different extras like effects, codecs etc but bare-bones out of the box you can edit and publish to YouTube.


We have used Filmora. You can overlay video, audio, and graphics. You can make a complete video before you have to buy the app. And, if I remember right, it wasn’t that expensive.


My school legitimately gave every student a full version of WeVideo with 300 Terabytes of usable storage PER person. For editing many introductions, I use panzoid(which is a free software that is online). For video editing I use a mixture of WeVideo, Vegas Pro, OBS Studio(Funny I do a lot of times), and in rare circumstances Movie Maker. I have tried the trial of Filmora in the past, as what @Gear_Geeks uses and I absolutely love it. In fact, I may decide to start editing with Filmora if I have the money to spare. :smile:


imovie on my phone lol


Hello, I don’t mean to self promote, but I believe that the windows 10 photo editor software is actually pretty decent for video editing.

It must be noted that it has two limitations:

  1. You only can use one background song throughout the entire video.
  2. It’s a little slow but still pretty good and loads fast.

To access the built in video editor, search “Video Editor” in the search bar on windows 10 in the bottom left search bar.

My work using it here:


Shameless plug. I like it.


Thank you all for the replies and advice I will look into all these. <3