Video evidence cannot be denied

I’ve discovered RECs super secret game design location. Based on incontrovertible evidence in game video I believe it must be on Mars! It is the only explanation for how easily the clawbots manipulate the mobile bases. It must be where gravity is significantly lower. :slight_smile:

I was thinking reverse video of the claw bots pulling the bases over the 20 point pipe. But lowered gravity makes sense too.

Or you just take the weights out of the Mobile Goals.

This is not the place for such conspiracy theories… oh never mind… carry on.

Let’s be realistic for a minute. It is more likely to be on the moon. It has an even lower gravity than Mars and it takes less time to get there and back.

Gravity on Earth 9.807 m/s²
Gravity on Mars 3.711 m/s²
Gravity on the Moon 1.622 m/s²

Distance to the moon approximately 238,900 miles
Distance to Mars approximately 33,900,000 miles.

I just do not think Vex would spend the extra money to go that far when they have a better environment so much closer.

No no no, you all have it wrong. It has to be in space, or somewhere else where they can control gravity. Otherwise how could the claw bots have scored like in the skyrise reveal video?

Its actually easier to land on Mars. Since it has an atmosphere, you can just use a parachute, rather than more propellant to land.

That’s good thinking. I assume you arrived at that conclustion retroactively.

I appreciated that pun :stuck_out_tongue:

After careful consideration I must agree with you.

But if you say it was filmed on the moon some will say it was faked!

But come on, guys, since we all know that the moon landings were a hoax, you expect me to believe that we’ve been to Mars too? Smh, these crazy ‘scientists’.