Video Gallery?

I feel like this should have already been thought of. Shouldn’t there be a video gallery? Just make it another forum. This is just a thought but it would be cool if this actually happened. Just sayin

  • Devin

I have provided a service like this at but it is currently not taking new uploads due to server upgrades.


i think he was suggesting an easily accessible section in the forums
that way users can comment on it and ask questions
i think its just more organised and easier that way

True, this would be a good idea. Maybe something to think about admins of the site? Shouldn’t be too hard to add, just a video viewing/posting section, where people can rate, comment, upload or even simply post the links for videos. (probably the better approach)


Yes. This is exactly what i was thinking. It would be just another forum criteria/section (whatever you would like to call it). I would also like to say that a picture gallery in the form of a forum would be nice as well. This would give all users on this site easier access to actually look for videos/pictures.
Thank You

  • Devin

Well you also have to look at the cost of hosting all those videos, its quite high. So they would have to fork out another server to be able to handle the load.

or we can just link it to youtube as the above suggested :stuck_out_tongue:

But thats basically whats already happening so what you are really asking for is for a user-friendly interface which makes the process more whiz-bang-boom.

I’m guessing what is wanted is an easy way to comment and rate videos aside from YouTube? I mean really if you are just linking to the YouTube videos you can just comment there, you just need a YouTube account. But really how many people don’t have one and would want to do that anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what we need more than a video gallery? We should be able to tag stuff in photos, like facebook, or more like Amazon. When you mouse over a box it tells you “the gear ratio is blah blah blah” or whatever the uploader put in.