Video judging questions

We are heading to nationals in april and would like to know if the following is ok to have in our video:

Can we have a smartboard in the background with pictures of our robot on it? (EX: a slideshow of our robot’s mechanisms)

Can we use a webcam connected to a smartboard to display pages of our journal?

We saw that it said no computer generated images, but is this ok since it’s not being inserted into the video artificially.

In the past the US Open Video Judging Rubric was flexible to allow Smartboards and Projectors in the background. I know that you wouldn’t be the first to use that strategy.

What hasn’t been allowed is using something like Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects to add transitions and effects.

I haven’t seen the most recent rubric, though. So that could have changed, I’m only referring to the past few years.