Video of our World Championship Bucky Ball intake

A video showing our Bucky Ball intake rollers in action!


next… gear motors for speed!

What is the benefit of intakes on speed?

If your intake is moving too slowly, when you charge into buckyballs on the field they will be pushed instead of picked up. Switching the 393’s to HS is easy, and generally makes the intake work better.

Well, on the other hand if the collector is going too fast it does the same thing

Our intake stinks really bad with the motors geared for speed. It really depends on your robot, and how you built it. Speed is not good for everything :wink:

Our intake also works better on high torque… On high speed it pops the second buckyball out of the intake when trying to grab the third one. Trial and error is the way to go!

Same thing happened with us!

So you guys are saying that we should keep our intake as it is?

We are saying you need to test both speed and strength gearing’s on your intake. Some robots prefer speed (internally geared 1.6:1) while others like my team prefer the generic strength (internally geared 1:1). Always test stuff for yourself. Never assume that it will work without testing.

OK will do!

We are using a horizontal intake, and it is much better with a high speed 3 series motor. It picks up the buckyballs about twice as fast, and it also picks up the large balls substancially faster. If I drive it for 20 minutes straight, or try to pick a ball up at a wierd angle however, it will sometimes overheat. :frowning:

Hi guys,

I have just geared our intake motors for speed. The robot intakes bucky balls twice of fast however it doesn’t intake large balls…


The intake has to be tuned differently for high speed and high torque but high speed will have a higher potential as the speed setting does not stall out.

Thats the problem, we want the intake to be as fast as possible but we still want to intake the large ball!!!

That’s what Tabor meant by intake tuning. You have to tweak it until you get the large ball pickup to work the way you want to. Which is the majority of what you do on an offensive robot, anyway.

Hi there,

Today we have just about completed the build of our robot however we still have an issue with the intake… ATM we can intake and outtake Bucky balls perfectly however it struggles to intake the large ball. I’m not sure whether I should decrease the size of the large ball intake in height or change the gearing for the motors back to torque…