Video Overlay

I just rewrote and updated the instructions on how to setup video overlay at a Vex event. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it since it makes the event seem much more professional and it really isn’t that hard. Please let me know if you have any problems.

I also recommend web publishing with Twitter. It is really easy, and it just works. We tested it out at the NW MD Vex Robotics Competition and every match result got posted without problems.
Vex Video Overlay Instructions.pdf (57.2 KB)

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Thanks for posting this useful information. We will use it during our competition in March.

Very nice job with the guide. Seems like more and more people are attempting to do this these days, so it’s good to have a nice set of instructions to point them to.

Since a lot more people have been asking about this in the past couple months I’ve been looking at it to see if it’s possible to incorporate this functionality directly into the TM itself so that DScaler isn’t required. It would simplify the setup a lot, but there’s some challenges to getting it implemented correctly, so we’ll have to see what happens there.

Wow…this is…godly.

We’ve been looking into this for a while. Recently we figured that we’d have to go out and get a $284 part, but your guide saved us a lot of money. I’m sure we’ll download this and try and run it tomorrow.

I expect you would end up with almost every event using video overlay if it were incorporated directly into Tournament Manager.

So I thought that we hadn’t ordered the little box yet, but turns out that it arrived today. Our AV dude went through and set it up and ran the overlay, here’s how it turned out.

Your test looked really promising. Please post the specs on your $284 part and where to get it. Most chroma-key devices I’ve found are much more expensive.

A Google Search of “AV VGA video overlay box”, resulted in this page in the 4th Link, AV Tool - B Stock List

The Logo on the Web Site matches the Logo on the Video Box…

EDIT: I found the Box!!

AVT-3170 Computer-to-Video Scan Converter with Genlock Overlay $329.00 (USD)

I did not order the box, so I cannot give exact specs or price. One of the AV guys told me about the box.

But I saw it run today, and I have to say, it worked pretty well.

That’s the box. $238. And the quality is excellent.


I think this box has even better features… I think I need to get me one of these.

Both Blue and Black (Overlay Chroma Key), and both NTSC and PAL.