Video Requested Vex Workcell Lab 4 - Joint Move, Linear Move

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Please provide a video of a Vex Workcell executing Lab 4 - Joint Move, then Linear, Move. if you have one available.

Thank you.

Hello @Louis_Golden, I see Amanda responded to your original message with a video.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you, that helps. We see that it can draw a straight line with a linear move. With our installation, we were getting an arc instead of a straight line for the linear move. We verified the coding is correct. Still not sure why this is not possible with our unit.

Hi @Louis_Golden! I’m glad the video helped. Did you also verify the placement of the rubber bands, that the turntable is not too tight (or needs lubricated), and that the joints on the arm itself are not too tight? This could make the arm move unreliably.

If you verified all the above, would you be able to provide a video of your Workcell moving? I might be able to take a look at it that way and see what the issue could be :slight_smile:

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Rubber band placement verified. We replaced the turntable with a low friction turntable that was provided by Vex support. All joints moving freely. Here is a video of a joint move, and a linear move.

@Louis_Golden , I believe I’ve replicated your troubles. If the separation between your “y” coordinates is little, for instance I ran -2 and 2, we saw similar lines to what you were getting.

When we increased the separation, this time -6 and 6, we saw a drastic difference between the lines.
If you go back to your video and watch the three red claw gear cranks, you can see them move a tiny bit once you get to your linear move block. This indicates that they were reading the program correctly, and were following the linear motion line between the points. It appeared that they were not, but this is due to the short difference of “y” coordinates.
Please update me once you’ve looked into this, and do not hesitate to ask any more questions! Thanks.

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