Video Voting

I couldnt help but notice that a lot of the videos average scores on the Design Challenge is very low. Is this because of foul play? What do you think?

Definately foul play, my video had 100% frist vote then 2nd vote 55%. Whats up with the hater ratings ?! I’m gettin worried if it affects our chances of winning. I think this shouldnt be considered for choosing the winner. Also I percieve people are creating various accounts to vote … yes, its that ovvious.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If everyone ends up in the 50-60% range the judges can still use their brains to pick the best entry.

Yep … true

should keep an eye anyways

I think that everyone just wants to win. I can tell that this is so totally not fair play.

Lets make a deal. I vote for yours 100% and you do the same with mine :slight_smile:

guys! what have u expected!?
everyone will do the same thing. This first part of the challenge is all about luck. Good Luck

Deal… i have 2 videos though XD sorry

that is so true… thanks… good luck to everyone in the competition!

ok well … i’ll vote for the actual team promo vid

Don’t forget that the top 8 voted are put before judges… and the advisory boards get to choose an additional 2 for each challenge to be put before the real judges. So even though there may be foul voting going on, the top voted submissions do not directly imply the winners.

YES, I was going to bring this up.

Today I woke up late (about 11:00 AM, EST). I checked the voting. My video, Tetra Triad, had a 27.5% rating. VEX Wired had a 77% rating. Now I’m not one to put anyone down or bring my personal opinions into this BUT I know whats going on here.

It’s very simple, certain people started voting themselves 10’s and giving everyone else 1’s. Then the rest of us (including me) were forced to play along. With this voting system it will come down to the one who pulled enough friends to rig the voting.

In Vex’s defense, is there a real way to prevent this from happening anyway? I mean I could make as many Gmail accounts as I please and vote my video up all night. It’s not fair nor is it right but it’s possible. In that logic, I own a domain, I could launch my own POP3 server and streamline the process.

I hope the community voting is not weighted highly versus the judges ratings.

As for the foul play, shame to whoever started it, but now that its started I suppose all bets are off?

ALSO: To Vex, I feel that the two 'latest entries" should be removed from the home page. These videos are being highlighted for being the last ones to submit. First off, no one should be highlighted or given special attention during a poll. Second, if you are going to highlight anyone it ought to be the first to submit.

Anyone want to second this motion?


I’m really concerned about this. I’m starting to get mad actually. Now I log in to see that a certain video was uploaded TODAY, when the deadline was yesterday. I mean is that fair or legal? I could have waited till today to see other videos and made mine better and then upload it. So smartkid I second the motion.

And now my video has a rating of 33%, its not that I’m cocky or something, but I consider my video is one of the best ones but still its getting very low scores as well as other good videos. I think this whole challenge is not being fair when it comes to the scores.

I don’t know how this can be fixed, but I ask for the admins to do something about this because its not fair for anyone. I didn’t killed myself doing a great video for nothing.


I think the solution to this is actually very simple and should be easy to discover.

They should discard all votes by any voter where a majority of their votes are 1s. Including any of their other votes (likely to be a single 10). If they are not voting a variety of numbers, they are obviously not watching the videos and are not in a position to actually be judging them.

So don’t join the fray, don’t go and vote 1 on other’s videos. I would honestly continue on how you would. Vote normally for anything.

It will be very easy for them to find and discard all votes by voters who pull these sort of cheap stunts.

I’d have to agree… In the product design challenge it’s a little bit suspicious that all but two entries range from 30-50 and the other two are 65 and 70 (with twice as many votes).

Admittedly, there is an entry from a student in our school and it would be cool if they won (or advanced), but I don’t want a free worlds berth (or autodesk, although it is fancy stuff) enough to spend time making e-mail accounts and voting down well-deserving submissions.

The satisfaction and lack of guilt that results from hard work is what counts :slight_smile:

Just remember, the rules said that final scoring was by a weighted system. The voting could mean everything, or they could go the route of a pseudo-Electoral College system and only let the popular vote slightly guide the final decision. Right now, despite how voting is being done, we don’t know what the final scoring system is specifically. I think that in the end, quality and honest voting will prevail over any foul or biased play, whether it exists or it’s just a figment of our imagination.

It also makes it imperative that people vote honestly. Take the time to do a good job and balance out the speed-voters.

A bug in the voting system plus some abuse by a couple individuals led to some invalid data. The bug has been addressed and some changes have been made to the voting system to address this ungracious behavior.

As for the entry that was submitted today – a team was having issues uploading the video and we were working with them yesterday (before the deadline); the video issue was resolved this morning and the video was added today [but was done before the deadline].

Yay! :slight_smile: So problem fixed? Everythings going back to being fair? Cuz I feel really bad for all the teams that are in the 20 and bellow.