Videos from Advanced VEX Camp in VA

Today wraps up 5 weeks of summer camps in Prince William County (Northern Virginia) held by SySTEMic Solutions at Patriot and Woodbridge HSs. For the past two weeks more than 30 students took part in an Advanced VEX Camp. The camp delved deeper into creating advanced robots for the competition covering building, programming, interviews, and more! Students competed in a competition on Thursday and Friday… and these are the videos from the Semi-Finals and Finals.

Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp SF 1-1 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp SF 2-1 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp SF 1-2 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp SF 2-2 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp F 1 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp F 2 - here.
Sack Attack Advanced VEX Camp F 3 - here.

That looks pretty good for 2 weeks worth of work:)

Very cool! I’m impressed for only 2 weeks of work. I like how half those teams seem to be using treads for their drive, kinda shows that there isn’t much efficiency difference between wheels and treads. The side-ways claw on the blue team is very creative and with more time I could see being extremely fast. Good job!

Looks like some solid robots! Which alliance won the Finals?

Also, just how much time, over the course of the 2-week camp, did the students have to work on these robots?

The red alliance which included the robot with the pancake flipper that used murdomeek’s avatar, and the robot using the top roller with standoffs for an intake won. The camp ran from about 8am to 2pm (some came earlier) monday through friday for two weeks with the final competition being the second friday

As MetalJacket325 said, the red alliance did win the finals. In terms of time they had two weeks, but they did not always have the whole day, for the first week of camp they are taken through the Engineering Design process and thought some of the principles of building, including the famous “use the right length screw discussion”! Then by the second week they are let free and build with guidance from the coaches and high school students who work the camps. I do think that the camps show how exciting this game is going to be for the less experienced teams, with some basic mechanisms the game can be played; this year is sure to be one of the better years for new teams.

I should mention the schools involved… (I think that’s all of them)
*]Patriot HS
*]Woodbridge HS
*]Osbourn Park HS
*]Forest Park HS
*]Gar-Field HS
*]Virginia Tech VEX Robotics Team
*]Saunders MS
*]Marsteller MS

Also the camps got some media coverage. Here and here.