View all Vex products at once

We’ve all been there, ordering a new cart full of Vex products and then wanting to view all products in the existence of Vex at once. Except to my knowledge does not have a page containing all their products, only categorized pages.

So I decided to create a script to gather product data and then create a static webpage to display it!

Code is available here.

**Then of course you can view the whole catalogue at:

Planning on making it sortable and searchable, as well as favouriting products (basically bookmarks).

EDIT: Any other feature requests?**

Added some minor UI & UX improvements.

Products which are split up into sub products (see: screws, plates) now are listed individually with the proper price and SKU.

Any product with a STEP file or Inventors Guide PDF insert is now listed under their name.

I’m quite happy with this so far, already proving useful - any comments?