Viewing sensor values

Viewing sensor values while running a program in RobotC.

I have forgotten how to make the sensor values show up at the bottom of a page when the program is running.
Can someone show me a screen shot of which menu/tab will make the values appear? If they now show somewhere else, that is fine too.

Thanks in advance

Marc Wheeler
Harmony Magnet Academy

Thanks, I will try this. I seem to remember trying this last year, and having trouble with which one to pick on the right menu. I know it is not Global Variables. I am usually looking for “local” sensors like sonic rangers, light meters, line followers. Is it datalog?
I will have a little time to tinker this weekend, and reply more if I have issues.

Thanks again

Ya Sensors. The screenshot I found doesn’t seem to be showing all the possible debug windows. Was just an example.

There is one more way you can view a sensor value. I’m working on a debug code right now, but if you have an LCD on your robot, you can have it show the value of a variable which is equal to the value of the sensor. Its tricky, but it really helps out while testing different autonomous modes over and over again…