VIQ getting a vision sensor!

So over in the VexIQ forum is some posts about a new vision sensor that is coming out for PLTW kits. It appears to be the CMU/Pixycam. It’s got some decent processing on the camera CPU, so it should be very cool to use without bogging down the main “brain”.

And it bodes well for seeing vision with the new control system. I wonder how much of the VIQ technology will make it over to the new EDR control system. I’ve been very pleased with the VIQ brain. If they could connect 2 brains together (across the serial controller link?) that would give you 24 ports and two battery packs. At $120 for brain and battery it’s cheaper than the Cortex. Two would be $240, $9 less than the current Cortex.

Ya Drow posted about it, all comes from here.