VIQC AND VRC: Which one?

I am in year 7 (UK) and 6th Grade (US)- should I be opting for VRC or VIQC- can anyone tell me if there are any age barriers. Also, am I allowed to enter both?

No age barriers, but entering both is not recommended.

Either one will be a fun challenge, but remember that VRC is more expensive and in someways more difficult than VIQC.


Judging from your previous posts, it seems like you are interested in starting a private team. So, it really depends on what you want to do.

VRC is harder than IQ but arguably more rewarding. IQ is open to people in elementary school and middle school (5-14 years old) and VRC is open to people in middle school and high school (14-18). You can be a drive team member in both a VRC and an IQ team (during the same season), and I don’t believe that there are any rules prohibiting you from doing both at the same time (correct me if I am wrong here).

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Could you cite the rule(s) that you believe prohibit this? I’m not aware of any rules limiting simultaneous participation is VRC and VIQC.


yes but in the UK it is pretty difficult and i might have to enter VIQC by myself if i cannot find teammates

I think @RoboCatz was referring to the rule that you can not be on multiple teams at once in VRC. I’m not sure if that also applies to VIQC though.

oh ok but if vrc is 14-18 then i cant enter anyway

Well if you were born after May 1, 2005 then you will be fine.
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VRC is more expensive. make sure you take that into account


I asked this question on the q and a last year. You are allowed to be on the drive team for an IQ team and a vrc team in the same year. I’m on my mobile or I’d look it up!


Actually, it’s 12-18 in some cases.


if i may ask, how is it more expensive? is it because you must use v5 equipment?

Actually, anyone can be in VRC…don’t know how this age stigma got started.

Yes, the v5 equipment is much more expensive, as is most of your structure pieces as well (i.e. metal>plastic). But is you’re thinking of doing vex long term, I’d do VRC because that way you won’t have to switch systems when you get to high school.


Thanks! I didn’t know that.

Here in Delmarva we help with the decision point

  1. Elementary school up through 5th grade – VEXIQ
  2. Middle school students that will be successful in building the bigger, more complex VRC robots they do VRC, else VIQ. In a few of the districts we move all MS teams to VRC due to lack of mentors to do both.
  3. HS students do VRC