VIQC Coach in Match

I was helping out at a tournament and saw an issue that I would like clarified, and I figured the forum would for sure help. During an elementary finals match, a team’s battery ran out mid-match and an adult coach threw a new battery to them in the middle of the match.

I was wondering if it was a breach of some sort of rule. It looked majorly sketchy. I’m mainly in VRC so I know the rules are a little different.

In my opinion, as a certified ref, I see nothing wrong with getting the battery, I just see something wrong with the coach being the one to get it. Vex is student centered and so one of the drive members should’ve gotten it.

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In the Student Centered Guidelines this would fall into the middle yellow zone.

One of other team members should have gotten it, assuming there was other roboteers. But it sounds like someone knew that they had the wrong battery.