VIQC Expansion Zones

If I have an arm that could reach to the 1-point-zone, and added beams, so it could touch all score zones, would that be legal in skills and teamwork? Which arm would count as touching the specific score zone?

many thx

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What do the rules say about this?

Your question seems a bit unclear as to whether you’re asking if you can design a legal arm that can touch any zone vs touching all zones.

Regardless, if you check the manual and the Q&A’s, you may only touch a single contact zone. Contacting multiple contact zones will result in zero additional points.


Rule sc4 in the game manual explains the contact bonus pretty clearly. If you have additional questions after you have a chance to read the game manual, please make another post with your specific question.


Thx, I was wondering if the arm could touch all contact zones.