VIQC Hub Squared away issue

I was messing around on the VIQC Hub app, and I encountered an issue with Squared Away. The manual says there are 35 orange balls on the field, I counted 35. But when I scored as many balls as I could, it said the maximum was 32.

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I noticed that too. There’s usually a few glitches that they have to work out.

Well, while making the app we were given the 1-page game description to work with, which is now available publicly here:

That description still says 32 balls. I believe 35 is right and that it was another last-minute change. We’ll get a confirmation on 32 vs. 35 and get the app updated.

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7 cubes (2 red, 2 Blue, 3 green) with 5 ball pyramids on top of each cube makes 35 balls, so I suspect that is correct.

Whilst we are on the subject of apps, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do an autonomous tie (3 points each) in the Tower Takeover app.

On iOS, you can click both Auton buttons to the on state to award a tie. Android will have similar behavior in a release that is coming out today.


This is correct. Should be 35 balls.

The one pager has been corrected to reflect this, apologies for the confusion!


In addition, the field assembly guide has wrong info for building the field. In one place it shows the short score tower to be in one position, but on a different page it shows another.

Can you say which page? The Field Appendix has the starting positions a bit off, on page 7.
But in the Field Appendix, Game Manual and various Build Instructions I don’t see the goals placed incorrectly. I don’t find a " field assembly guide" otherwise. Haven’t looked at the STEP file yet.

But this topic is about the Hub
The Came Manual is the only documentation I see, so just like the separate PDF, Figure 17 looks like a demo of not scored, so may be mis-captioned.

Also, demo of a Cube touching a Corner Goal but leaning on the Field Perimeter (scoring according to text) is not shown; perhaps it should be.

And, the captions for Figures 25 and 27 show at the end of the last section…

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Not sure what page. It’s the printed manual that comes with the field kit. Shows where to place the items.