VIQC Pitching In Ideas

I think catapults are totally not efficient, and quite inaccurate

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Turning Point would like to kindly disagree.

I, conversely, think flywheels will be hard to use with the balls squishy and compliant shape.

Regardless, I am always happy to see many different designs perform well rather than just a single meta design. (You should’ve seen our team watching the Asia-Pacific team with a triple lift design at Overall Finals last night!)


Yeah, the difference in opinions of things is going to make for some epic bots

“Really Strong” DR4B with IQ parts is a difficult task.

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This reveal looks pretty good for an inspiration:

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I am up to the challenge, our temporary mock up for it can already reach the high hang w/ a load of the balls.

any word on the notebooks? digital or reg or either? thanks

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Official word won’t come until the judge guide is released some time in the summer – last year’s has a release date of 8/14/2020.

But unofficially, given that LRT and remote skills-only events are sticking around for 2021-22, there will need to be some guidelines for digitally submitting notebooks for remote judging.


I was thinking of a bot close to 1104 nothing but net flywheel bot. The low bars may mean the robot needs to expand and shrink

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That’s a great idea (and a beautiful bot), but one-wheel flywheels are especially hard to get right in IQ, due to the lack of flexible plastic. That being said, I’d love to see someone build one!

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would hexbug plastic used on the caution tape bot be a good substitute for lexan?

Maybe, but I would try to go with either catapults or possibly a double flywheel. Maybe something more similar to the 8059 turning point robots?

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The mechanisms used in VRC for catapults involve shaving gears to make a slip gear setup.

If anything the herobot that is given to IQ might be a good way if it can be perfected so you can do a faster rapid fire setup


Will flywheels work with the squishy balls?

This design could possibly be viable for this year’s game and doesn’t need any slip gears.


If your robot is sturdy enough, you could make a rubber band powered lift like the ones from Starstruck.

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Isn’t there a height limit though

Are you reminding us, because you have read rule G5 of the game manual, or asking because you haven’t read rule G5 yet?


I’m a high school student doing vex V5 but my team and I will volunteer at a vex camp this summer and I have a few questions about vex IQ pitching in. I haven’t done vex IQ in years so I forget some general IQ rules. What is the motor limit for the robot for this year(pitching in)?

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Six Motor limit.