VIQC Skills Ranking Question

I’m working on [PROJECT] right now, and I need to make sure I get this right. For VIQC skills rankings at an event, how does the tiebreaker order go?


Is it:

  1. Highest Driver + Highest Prog
  2. Second highest Prog
  3. Second highest Driver
  4. Third prog
  5. Third driver

or is it:

  1. Highest Driver + Highest Prog
  2. Highest Prog
  3. Second highest Prog
  4. Second highest Driver
  5. Third highest Prog
  6. Third driver

Just reading the manual it would seem like the former is the correct formula, but that doesn’t feel right for whatever reason. I just want to make sure before continuting on with my project.


It’s the second model. If you are making a website that stores Vex IQ skills Standings that would be awesome!


Can you explain that a little more? How does what the game manual say work with that?

I mean… I am working on a website, and when relevant this website will show some event-specific VIQC rankings, but it’s much much more than that. I think I’ll be able to talk more about it soon :slight_smile:.

So if two teams have the same score, they first look at the highest programming score. If that cant break the tie then it goes to the second highest programming match. Then the second highest driver, and so on. I know this because last season, my team tied with another team both with 92 driver and 40 programming. The ref explain that because our second highest programming match (40 points) was higher than their second highest programming match (20 points) we were place in front of them.

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If two Teams are tied for the highest score, the tie will be broken by looking at both Team’s’
next highest Programming Skills Match score

This does seem to imply that the first tiebreaker is 2nd place programming run, no?

It says next highest

I agree that wording is a bit awkward - one way to settle this question is to set up a tournament in TM and see how it handles things.

Here’s what my test tournament looked like - driving skills runs:

Programming skills runs:



  • Teams 1 and 2 have the same total skills score (highest driving + highest programming).
  • Team 2’s highest programming skills score is higher than team 1’s highest programming skills score.
  • Team 1’s second highest programming skills score is higher than team 2’s second highest programming skills score.

And as you can see, team 2 ranks above team 1 - so highest programming skills is the first tiebreaker.


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