VIQC Slapshot Virtual Skills Released

VIQC Virtual Skills - Slapshot has been released! Access will require a 2022-2023 VIQC team registration. Updates will continue as game manual updates are released.

VEX Library Articles:

Snapshot Hero Robot Model Render:

Snapshot Intake and Scoring:

Snapshot Releasing Discs:

Snapshot Scoring Discs:


Not to be that guy, but auto correct did you dirty

But that looks sick! I can’t wait to get to use that, I was not planning on making the hero bot, but it looks really good.

Is there a plan currently to implement being able to use your own robot in the software. Because I would see this as a way to plan your build before actually committing…

Edit: I did the same thing earlier so I guess I can’t say anything


That would be extremely complicated I think, because it would need to support some sort of CAD software, and be able to have servers running the site capable enough load so many of people’s own robots, and their own systems. From the way I see it, it won’t really be possible for this to ever be implemented in the near future.


And to figure out the capabilities of the robot; if you had a robot that shot discs out of a flywheel but the software didn’t recognize your flywheel as shooting, you wouldn’t be able to discharge discs.

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Yep, just throwing out ideas. I get that physics sims would be difficult on the hardware this is meant for. That was more of an idea of being able to import SnapCAD models into a software that is meant for this, I know it is completely unreasonable, but with the rising covid cases were I live it would be nice.

In the last video, I just realized that when Snapshot is releasing the discs in the blue dispenser, the arm touches the blue dispenser and it goes all the way up, without further contact, even though it should technically go back down without further help. Just something I noticed :slight_smile:

Is there someway to do this without a password/account? It looks really fun but I dont have that information.

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I don’t think so. Try maybe asking someone you know that is part of a registered team?

Are you part of a registered team?

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Yes, I am, but I haven’t asked my mentors for the password for it yet.

Lol it was worth a shot

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@tfriez - Is there anyway to get a temporary skills key? Our school won’t be registering teams till after the school year starts (say September) to know how many we will have, but would like to give the VR skills access to the kids now to work on over the summer. I assume there has to be a lot of people in this situation over the summer as well.

I’m not sure what the process might be for that - that’s a good question for your REC contacts. The virtual skills key generation is handled by Robot Events, not VEXcode.